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Why Solid Wood Floating Shelves?

The Phenomenon of Floating Shelves

As we all know, floating shelves are all the rage in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and in modern offices.  While floating shelves are not a super new concept, some technology has made them much more universally available to hang.  One does not typically need a masters degree in shelf hanging anymore to be able to mount a floating shelf (see exception below).  A great floating shelf can be installed pretty easily by the average DIY’er who has just a few tools and some rudimentary knowledge and skill. 

What Kind of Floating Shelf Should I Purchase?

Now, one of the main questions in making a decision on your own floating shelves in your own space is “What kind of floating shelf should I use?”  Well, there are 2 basic types.  First is the hollow floating shelf.  The second type (and our favorite) is a solid, hardwood floating shelf.  Below we will give some of the pros and cons of both kinds and make an argument for our favorite kind – the solid wood floating shelf.

The Basics of a Hollow Floating Shelf

A hollow floating shelf is basically a shelf made from a few pieces of plywood, with or without a veneer to make it look nice.  These pieces of wood are glued and fastened together to create the image of a solid piece of wood.  Some of the positives of a hollow floating shelf are that they weigh a bit less, are typically a little cheaper, and …  well… that’s all I can think of.  Some of the drawbacks of hollow floating shelves are that they aren’t nearly as strong and won’t last as long, they take a long time to make and assemble (see this “easy” how-to from Wiki how.  https://www.wikihow.com/Build-Simple-Floating-Shelves  Looks like a lot of tools and expertise needed to me), and they require a lot of cutting, measuring, drilling, etc to get them to be square and to mount them to either a handmade and highly difficult to mount bracket, or a less-than-perfect pre-fabricated bracket. 

Solid Wood Floating Shelves

Solid Wood Floating Shelf

A solid wood floating shelf is what it sounds like.  It is a solid slab of wood, prepared to the length, width, and thickness you desire.  It can come in really any wood type (popular woods for floating shelves are maple, walnut, oak, alder, and poplar among others) and can be either finished edge, or it can be the currently popular live-edge, where the front edge of the shelf is the bark and outer layer of the piece of wood it was cut from.  These shelves do have some cons.  The first potential negative is the cost.  Solid wood costs more, because… well…  there is more wood.  The next potential negative is the weight of the shelf.  An average, solid wood shelf can weigh more than 12 pounds per linear foot, and if you are using cheap and sub-standard brackets that are purchased at a big box store or from some other companies, you will be in for some major disappointments with sagging, bending, and even pulling off of the wall because of the weight of the shelves (many state that they are rated for less than 25 total pounds, including the shelf).  Now, the positives of a solid wood floating shelf.  Man are they BEAUTIFUL!  There isn’t much more eye-catching than a solid piece of walnut, finished to perfection on your front room wall.  Or, imagine a live-edged maple mantel over your fireplace.  Just gorgeous!  Another plus is that these solid hardwood floating shelves will pass the test of time, and when properly installed, will hold more weight than you would ever need to hold on them.  They may even handle grandkids and great-grandkids climbing on them 50 years from now. Live Edge Solid Wood Floating Shelf

Beautiful Solid Wood Floating Shelves

If you are looking for the perfect piece of wood, whether it be a fully finished solid piece of oak, walnut, alder, maple, or poplar.  Or even if you would love to use the perfect live-edge piece to create your solid-wood floating shelf bracket, we highly recommend you go to see what Radford Pines Home Decor has for your needs.  These shelves from Radford Pines come fully finished and prepared for mounting with the best floating shelf brackets on the market for solid wood floating shelves.

The Best Floating Shelf Brackets for Solid Wood Floating Shelves

We have learned that for solid wood floating shelves, we are very sure of the type of bracket you should use to ensure that your floating shelf or floating shelves stay where and how you want them to be.  Sheppard Brackets are those brackets.  And Radford Pines Solid Wood Floating Shelves come prepared and with one of these high-quality brackets included with the shelf at no extra charge. Sheppard Brackets manufactures those bracket backplates right here in the USA out of 3/16” solid steel, and hand cut and weld the rods onto the backplates using precision equipment and high-quality, steel tubing.  These heavy duty and uniquely designed floating shelf brackets can easily hold 50 pounds per stud that they are secured into.  And guess what…  They will hit every stud that they are placed over because of the original multi-mount system that they are designed with.  To install a one of these floating shelf brackets and the Radford Pines solid wood floating shelf, all you need is a screwdriver (manual or power), a level, a stud finder if you don’t trust your fist and ear, and a few screws.  Piece of cake.  One can literally be installed in less than a few minutes.

See this video for the hanging of a Radford Pines solid wood floating shelf with a Sheppard Bracket.