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Why are Floating Shelves So Popular?

Why are Floating Shelves So Popular?

Shelves are great for solving storage problems that we all battle. But they aren’t just that, they add a fantastic look and aesthetic to your home or office.

The best part is that shelves are so versatile and come in so many shapes and sizes, that there is a style or solution for everyone.  You can choose to have the same shelf theme throughout your home or office,  or you could create a more eclectic style with all sorts of different kinds of shelving.

But, it appears that one type of shelving seems to be making some major noise in the design and décor world.  If you’ve been keeping track of the latest trends, you would have noticed the growing popularity of floating shelves.

What Is a Floating Shelf?​

“What is a floating shelf?”, you may ask.  According to HomeStratosphere.com, “A floating shelf is a shelf or shelves that do not have any supports such as legs stemming from the ground.  Instead, they are built or anchored into the wall which gives them a “floating” appearance.” (https://www.homestratosphere.com/glossary/floating-shelf/)   Thus, they look great, apparently ‘floating’ against the wall, especially if you can create a true flush-mount shelf (hint:  all of Radford Pines Home Decor Floating Shelves come prepared to be true, flush-mount shelves). Even better is that you will need very little experience to install them! The colors, styles and options available in them can solve most of your storage problems.

 Floating Shelves Are Universally Designed and Used

Floating shelves have become the demand of today’s home décor and are being used by contractors, custom cabinet builders, and the DIY’er. These super functional shelves have undeniable beauty and and they blend in with any home or office environment. But there’s more to what makes them everyone’s favorite. Here are some of the top reasons that floating shelves are so popular today.

Beautiful Solid Wood Floating Shelf

Floating Shelves have Cleaner - Minimalistic Looks

Seemingly everyone is going for a more minimalistic look in their home and office remodels and builds.  The structure of a floating shelf is such that it takes up very little space on your wall and gives it a clean and simple look. This is particularly beneficial when you want the focus on the décor on your shelf, rather than on the shelf itself.

Floating Shelves Appear Light and Open

​The sleek structure of the floating shelves allows for the flow of light and air. With a handsome floating shelf, installed correctly, it does not feel awkward even if the shelves are placed above a seating area.

Floating Shelves are Just Plain Beautiful

The sight of a shelf floating on a wall is a beautiful thing.  It brings wonder to even the most hardened home snob.  .
The natural style of the floating shelves adds to the beauty of your home and office. Because they are so strikingly different from more traditional shelves, they attract more eyeballs and allow you to exhibit the things that are of most value to you without detracting from them.

Solid White Floating Shelf

Floating Shelves are Great in Tight Spaces

​Floating shelves do not take up any floor space. So they are perfect to decorate small spaces that would typically lie vacant and useless.

Floating Shelves Can Fit Everywhere

The possibilities of a floating shelf are virtually unlimited. They can be installed just about anywhere in your home and office. Installing a floating shelf in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, or in your office will really make them pop.  High quality and heavy duty floating shelves can even be installed outdoors on your balcony to hold planters,  or even in the garage to store your tools (for these applications… really for any application mentioned in this article, it is vital to use high-quality and heavy-duty floating shelf brackets when installing). Wherever you want to put them, you’ll find enough options in colors, styles, sizes, etc. to match them with the rest of the decor of the house.  To find the best solid hardwood, floating shelf brackets, go to https://radfordpineshomedecor.com/.  Their solid wood floating shelves come prepared and ready to install with Sheppard Brackets Floating Shelf Brackets https://www.sheppardbrackets.com/?category=Shelf+Brackets

Easy Installation of Floating Shelf

If you have a ready-to-go floating shelf (such as the ones found at https://radfordpineshomedecor.com/, Installation is very easy.  See this video for simple floating shelf installation in under 10 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu_-7afPvuI&t=50s, installing a floating shelf bracket and a floating shelf is very easy when done with Radford Pines Floating Shelves and Sheppard Brackets Floating Shelf Brackets.

Floating Shelves Can Be Strong and Durable

Floating shelves can be very deceptive in terms of their ability to support a lot of weight. Be aware of getting the right floating shelf hardware, though.  Some of the inexpensive hardware will only allow a few pounds of support on the shelves.  But when you use solid wood floating shelves by , which come fully prepared with Sheppard Brackets Floating Shelf Brackets, you will be able to support at least 50 pounds per stud into which the bracket is secured.  When installed correctly and with the correct hardware, floating shelves are amazingly strong. Since their brackets are screwed directly into every stud that falls behind the shelf on the wall, they have ample support that will safely hold anything you want to put on them.