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What Should I Store On My Kitchen Floating Shelves?

What Should I Store On My Floating Shelves?

So you are loving the concept of some high-quality floating shelves in your kitchen.  Perhaps you are wondering what types of things you can put on these shelves now.  Let’s list a handful of ways that you can design and load up these floating shelves.

Floating shelves in the kitchen can be used to store almost anything, but what should you place on them that truly maximizes the space and the aesthetic? Here are some of our favorite uses for solid wood floating shelves in the kitchen, along with some tips to get the best look and feel for your kitchen.

First of all, we need to make sure that we are using floating shelves and floating shelf brackets that are strong enough to hold our valuable kitchen items.  Of course, we find that the best floating shelf brackets and floating shelf preparation hardware are definitely found at Sheppard Brackets.  We also know that the highest-quality, solid hardwood floating shelves can be purchased at Radford Pines Home Décor.  Now, on to the real topic of this post.



Floating shelves are pretty trendy and some like them and others do not, but for those who love them, the open feel is apparent. They may take a little more time for tidying compared to closed cabinets, but they can add a lot of style and usefulness without a lot of extra work.

What Do You Use Most In Your Kitchen?

Some of the most common items to spot on floating kitchen shelves are daily essentials like mugs, glasses, plates and bowls. Items like this work well on floating shelves for at least two reasons.

First, they are easy to get to for both you and your guests.  How often have you been a guest in someone’s home, helping out in the kitchen, and have to ask, “Where are your…?”   Floating shelves solve that problem.

Floating Shelves in Kitchen

Second, putting often-used items on floating shelves avoids the issue of dust buildup that can accompany situations where you put your fancy china up on a shelf but never use it, so each time you do use it, you have to rinse it before anything else.  If the items are used frequently, they won’t sit for long.

Keeping Storage Jars on Floating Shelves

Storage Jars on Kitchen Floating Shelves

Storage jars are another great set of items that can be used for an easily-reached shelf. This keeps items off the counter so you have more free space to work, but the jars are still handy so you can grab them without having to open a closed cabinet door.  You can also exhibit those super cute jars that your great grandmother left you.

Add a Little Pizzazz to Your Floating Shelves

Besides the more practical solutions, floating shelves can also add a lot of character, beauty, and personal style to your kitchen. Whether you already have a colorful kitchen or a more neutral scheme, shelves are a great place to show off your favorite decorative mugs and cutesy sayings and signs for all to see and chuckle at.

Spices and Seasonings Displayed on Floating Shelves

Who wouldn’t love to see a beautiful display of colorful and delicious spices and seasonings on their floating shelves in their kitchen?  With easy access and visibility, you may cook something completely new and amazing, using spices you had never before considered.  And all because you could see the spices rather than digging through a closed cabinet where they have been hiding for who knows how long. 

Spice Jars on Floating Shelves in Kitchen

Cookware Stored on Your Floating Shelves

If you cook often, you will also want to have more than just your spices and seasonings right at hand. Stacking casserole dishes, cake pans or even pasta pots on a shelf makes them easier to access and will motivate you to keep them looking nice and clean.

Create a Unique Aesthetic with an Empty Floating Top Shelf

Sometimes the best thing to put on your top shelf is… nothing at all! Leaving an empty floating shelf as a topper gives a uniquely finished look to your kitchen shelving, which makes the whole room feel more complete.

Floating Shelves in Kitchen

Where Do I Get High-Quality, Solid Hardwood Floating Shelves?

At Radford Pines Home Décor, they make amazing, solid, walnut, white oak, alder, poplar, and maple floating shelves.  You can check them out here.  Each floating shelf from Radford Pines comes prepared and includes a heavy-duty and highly adaptable floating shelf bracket that is manufactured by Sheppard Brackets.  To see those brackets, you can check them out here.