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Reviews From Real Radford Pines Home Decor Customers - The Best Solid Wood Floating Shelves

Proof that Radford Pines Solid Wood Floating Shelves Are THE BEST

We are very grateful to our amazing customers who have helped get Radford Pines Home Decor off the ground and starting to fly in a great way.  Today’s post will be a series of real reviews of Radford Pines Home Decor from one of our online stores that we have had up running since 2019.  Please enjoy these reviews and feel free to let us know of your experience using Radford Pines on your home improvement or contracting projects. 

But I Haven't Ever Purchased Solid Wood Floating Shelves Before...

….  Wait… What!?!?!?  You haven’t yet used Radford Pines Solid Wood Floating Shelves?!?!?!  Well… Read on and learn why Radford Pines Solid Wood Floating Shelves are truly the best solid wood floating shelves in the industry. 

Dana - Our First Review of our Solid Wood Floating Shelves

On August 11, 2019, Dana left our first review on this site, and it was a 5 Star Review.  She writes of her custom floating shelf experience with Radford Pines:  “These shelves are more expensive than similar items but it is worth it for the quality and customer service. There is also more sizing options than provided by most other shops. Aaron was very responsive and prompt to questions for my initial order and then was very generous about doing an exchange when I ordered the wrong size. I am using these for a new kitchen and cannot wait to hang up the new size when it arrives!”  Thanks Dana!  What a fantastic way to kick off our online reviews in our new shop!  We pride ourselves on being responsive and knowledgeable, as well as having a virtually endless number of ways to customize your orders.  We hope to see pictures of your completed project!

Sheila's Experience with Our Solid White Oak Floating Shelves 

On August 25, 2019, Sheila left a 5 Star Review for us in regards to a solid white oak floating shelf that she purchased from Radford Pines.  She says simply, but beautifully:  “The shelf looks great, thank you!”  You are most welcome, Sheila!  We are glad you like it!  We would love to see a picture of it sometime. 

mbhat1 (cool username) and their experience with our Solid Walnut Floating Mantels (and some pictures)

On August 27, 2019, We got our first pictures from one of our customers (and those solid walnut floating shelves were BEAUTIFUL) from mbhat1.  Along with the pictures was this SWEET review:  “Absolutely wonderful!! We ordered two walnut mantels and they are both gorgeous. They fit beautifully with the contemporary aesthetic of our home and are the perfect touches to finish the rooms they’re in. The workmanship of the mantels and the mounting brackets are excellent. The wood is simply beautiful and so well finished. Aaron was flexible about the length and thickness of the mantels so they have turned out to be perfect additions. Communication was great - Aaron responded promptly and accurately to all of my questions. There were no surprises. Couldn’t have asked for better products and experience. Thank you!!!”  Wow!  Thank you SO much, mbhat1!  This is exactly what we strive to be here at Radford Pines Home Décor.  We strive that all of our customers have this same experience as you!

 Solid Walnut Floating Mantels

Nate's Love of His Own Solid Walnut Floating Shelves

We didn’t have to wait long for our next pictures included with a 5 Star Review for some solid walnut floating shelves.  On August 30, 2019 Nate said:  “These shelves are modern and easy to install. Will make any kitchen look beautiful!  Fast shipping as promised!  Great communication with shop keeper, just ask any questions and you’ll get a prompt response!”  Nate… Those shelves look amazing in your kitchen!  And thank you for the kind words about our easy-to-install shelves (because they come fully prepared to install with the best-in-the-business Sheppard Brackets Floating Shelf Brackets


Solid Walnut Floating Shelves - Open Shelving in Kitchen - Solid Walnut Shelves

Justin's Solid Walnut Floating Shelf Experience and Picture

On September 17, 2019, we received our next review from Justin.  He had purchased a solid walnut floating shelf from us and put it up in his kitchen.  Here is what he had to say in his own 5 Star Review:  “Amazing shelf! Great quality and the look is exactly what we wanted!”  Justin… Thanks for this great review and for the beautiful picture of your completed project.  You will love that for many years to come!

 Solid Walnut Floating Shelf - Solid Walnut Shelf - Walnut Kitchen Shelf

Floating Shelves in my Bathroom?!?!?  Peiyu Says YES!!

One more review for this post, and it’s an awesome one.  Have you ever thought about putting a floating shelf in your bathroom?  If not, you definitely will now.  On September 22, 2019, Peiyu said this about his solid alder floating shelf“Excellent quality. Good turn around time. Responsive communication. Very helpful on guiding the installation too. Highly recommended.”  Good review.  Now check out this picture!  BEAUTIFUL!!!  Thanks Peiyu!

 Solid Alder Floating Shelf - Solid Alder Shelf - Bathroom Shelf - Solid Alder Bathroom Shelf


Those are just a handful of reviews from some of our amazing customers.  To come and see for yourself on just how amazing these solid wood floating shelves are and how great our customer service is, please come to https://www.radfordpineshomedecor.com.